Why TDF?

Why TDF?

It’s All About the People!

People are complex, dynamic, and unique. The tools we use to understand ourselves and others need to reflect this wonderful complexity without requiring a Ph.D. to understand and apply. 

But you don’t want to spend time, effort, and money on an experience that’s so light and breezy that it doesn’t begin to capture the depth and richness of the humans around you.

TDF is your answer. TDF is a perceptual-styles model that reveals how differently you and your friends and co-workers see the world.

Enlightening, applicable, and rich.

TDF will give you moments when you’ll think, “Now I get why she does that” or “Now I understand why I have trouble with that.”

As you become more skilled in connecting with others and seeing how you can best use your gifts, everything gets better. And it’s FUN!

You’ll learn it in hours, and you’ll use it forever. 

Thousands of people around the world say so.

“TDF is simple, easy to explain, easy to understand, consistent, predictable and truthful.  The patterns that emerge are undeniable.  It’s eye opening in a work environment and in personal life.”

Steve Gonabe,
ex-Director H.R. HSBC-NA


TDF is about improving your emotional intelligence and increasing your ability to influence in a way that has greater impact on your employees and peers. The program will provide you enormous insight into your leadership and communication strengths, weaknesses and preferences. 

Julie Joseforsky, EVP, M&I Bank