TDF Virtual Teamwork Event

TDF Virtual Teamwork Event

Tough times disrupt our lives, our work, our relationships, and our teams. People are anxious, uncertain, and distracted. Trust falters.

TDF can help.

We know people; we know teams.

And we have online programs that can help now.

This program is designed to fit your team, to fit your issues, and to fit your schedules.

Step 1: 20-minute Defining What You Need

Throughout, you – as the team leader – will benefit from a skilled and experienced TDF coach. In this initial one-on-one meeting, you and your coach will define what your team needs right now – what’s working and what’s not. What will make this a successful experience for your team?

Step 2: 20-minute TDF Pattern Inventory

You and your people will complete the TDF Pattern Inventory at our website and each receive an 8-page report of your individual results. This takes about 20 minutes.

The TDF Pattern Inventory is a well-validated measure of perceptual styles – differences in how people see and understand the world.

Step 3: 90-minute Teamwork Session

An interactive Zoom session will introduce your team to the TDF model and allow them to explore what this means for them as individuals and how they work together as a team. This is a fast session, focused on your identified needs and priorities. It is interactive, energizing, and strategic.

Step 4: A follow-up with your coach

You will work with your TDF coach to identify how you, as the leader, will use this experience to move your team forward.

Now is the time!

For more information or to schedule, email us now at:

We’re here for you!