TDF Pattern Inventory

TDF Pattern Inventory

The TDF Pattern Inventory is an easy and effective instrument for identifying your TDF Pattern.  The inventory consists of 160 adjectives that you are asked to rate according to how well they describe you. Most people complete this inventory in 20-30 minutes. The inventory can be completed on-line at our website, using a password supplied by us or by a qualified TDF practitioner.  To purchase the inventory, go to our store.

The TDF Pattern Inventory was developed under the leadership of Dr. Boyd Spencer based on earlier work by David Farr and the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Gary Jordan. The Inventory has proven to be both a highly reliable and valid measurement tool. The most recent edition of The TDF Pattern Inventory Research Manual is available as an Adobe Acrobat Reader® document.

This research manual describes the construction of the inventory as well as empirical studies on its structure and reliability and the relationship of scores on the inventory to such well-known instruments as the MBTI®, the FIRO-B®, the Vocational Preference Inventory®, the Personality Research Form®, and the Jackson Personality Inventory®.

The research reported in this manual strongly supports the validity and the utility of the TDF Pattern Inventory.

Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French translations of the inventory are currently being tested. If you are interested, please contact us.

If you wish to take the TDF Pattern Inventory, you will find instructions at our store.