Building Commitment

Building Commitment

A Platform for Leaders

“The Britannic Genesis change programme was extremely challenging – headcount reductions from 1500 to 310 through branch closures and work transfer, together with the introduction of a genuinely proactive customer services team structure enabled by the latest award-winning technology platform.

Both leadership and people buy-in was pivotal to success – the TDF intervention helped to galvanize the organization at a critical time and undoubtedly supported the achievement of these goals. In particular the personal chemistry between the TDF team was a major factor in releasing the energy needed the achieve the outcomes.”

John Tomlins
Operations Director
Selestia Investments

Major organizational changes – mergers, new strategies, new markets, new CEO’s, disruptive events – create uncertainty which in turn creates turmoil within the organization which disrupts the organization’s effectiveness.

Your enemies are confusion, uncertainty and delay. Their costs are loss of production, loss of key talent, loss of customers, and loss of business. Confusion destroys trust in the leadership – and this takes a long time to heal.

You must instill hope and courage in your organization – realistic hope that action is possible and the courage to act. That is the task of a leader.

A realistic roll-out strategy
Start with the senior team. The issue is alignment and commitment to a course of action and a common message. If the senior team is not aligned and committed, no plan or strategy can succeed. Never assume this alignment.

Move on to your managers. Create active forums in which managers can take ownership of the message, translating it into the actions they need to take and the messages they need to deliver.

Build energy and commitment among employees, with an engaging program that lays out the what, how, and why of the changes.

The result
The result is new energy and new focus throughout layers of management. The result is action,
alignment, renewed purpose and focus.