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Helping people learn how to use TDF is our mission and our passion.

We understand how adults learn. Action, interaction, and reflection. And fun.

So we have developed – and continue to develop – a large array of options to fit your objectives.

Options for personal development, team development, and organizational development.

Options for classroom learning, for virtual learning, and for individual learning. All our courses are available in both classroom and virtual formats.

And we can help you integrate TDF into your other courses and programs.

Explore the possibilities.

Personal development

Introducing TDF: Understanding Self; Understanding Others

More TDF: The Rest of the Story

Influencing and Selling with TDF

Team development

Introducing TDF: Understanding Self; Understanding Your Team

Aligning Your Team

Managing Your Team in Crisis

Organizational Development

Surviving and Thriving in Change

Building Commitment

Engaging the Future

It’s All About the People!