TDF Consulting – It’s All About the People!

“TDF does not just identify problems within an organization, they actually find solutions. You know the team assigned to your job is going to be accomplished professionals who you can trust; not freshly minted biz school grads.”

Matteo Perruccio, CEO, Pioneer Investment Management SGR

TDF Consulting brings experienced professionals with the skills and abilities to identify the real human problems in your organization and develop solutions that work to move beyond organizational barriers and towards even greater success. We know people and we know business.
Whether the issue is a merger of two cultures due to an acquisition, a new leadership team, a new direction for the company, or coaching executives – TDF accelerates change and success.

How do we work?

Clients’ needs are different. We don’t provide “cookie cutter” solutions. Our approach, ho

wever, has a consistent methodology:
•   We partner with our clients to identify the specific causes of problems – not just the surface symptoms. We dig in.
•   We use our proprietary perceptual-styles tool – TDF – to provide the organization, team, or executive with a simple yet effective means of understanding the diversity of its people, as well as its strengths and vulnerabilities.
•   We offer solutions that make sense, and then we roll up our sleeves and help you implement. We are going to be there with you.

What do we accomplish?
We build alignment. We know that organizations can’t succeed if everyone is running in different directions. We help you bring people together, with the same goals, knowing their roles, and knowing how to succeed.