Changing Business Culture

A Changing Business Culture

A rapidly growing debt purchase and recovery firm, with offices and centers across the United States and an operations center in India, initiated an ambitious project to in-source most of its legal recovery functions. This was a dramatic change in the firm’s historic model.

The executive team recognized the cultural challenge. They brought together talented people with differing styles, talents, skills, and interests around this common purpose.  As with any change of this scope, it presented challenges of trust, communication, workflow, coordination, and accountability.

TDF International was invited to work with the core leadership team of the new Internal Legal team to help them take a “time out” and get a fresh look at how they were doing with these challenges. We conducted interviews and facilitated a highly successful off-site that surfaced key challenges facing the team at this juncture in it development and identified five areas for improvement. The team was then put to work to bridge these gaps. The TDF perceptual-styles model was a key component of this intervention.  The resulting output became known as the “TDF Action Follow up”.

The success of this effort led to the spread of TDF throughout the department, including the operation centers in the U.S. and India and TDF became a tool for increasing the sense of unity across these operations and helping management understand the differences among the various sites. TDF also became a required element of the on-boarding process for new employees. The firm’s internal trainers were certified to deliver TDF.

The success of TDF within the Internal Legal department led to requests for both consulting and training services in other parts of the organization, including Legal, HR, Marketing and administration as well as an integration TDF into the firm’s management development courseware.ns (F), and relatively fewer clear choices (D).  On the other hand, if you are a DFt, you see many choices, quite a few connections, and fewer facts.

TDF became part of the culture of the organization and helped to unite this rapidly growing and geographically dispersed company