About TDf

It’s All About the People!

TDF™ is the name of both our company and our perceptual-styles model.

TDF – A Model of Perceptual Styles

You have a style of your own. Your family knows it; your friends know it; your colleagues know it. You have a certain way of acting and interacting. You have a style. And other people have different styles.
Working and living together effectively requires understanding and appreciating our different styles. TDF will show you how your style is rooted in how you see the world – and that different people see the world differently.
You will learn:
  • how to identify and to appreciate your style – both its strengths and its vulnerabilities.
  • the strengths that come with your style – the strengths that will bring you both success and satisfaction.
  • and the vulnerabilities that come with your style – how to manage them so you don’t hurt yourself or others.
  • TDF creates a common language within the organization for the human issues that are at the heart of work: change, communication, conflict, motivation, coaching, and learning.

TDF – A Company that Delivers

And TDF International is the company that delivers products and services based on the TDF model. We understand people, and we will help you and your people to work more effectively together.
We deliver world-class training using the TDF model to develop leaders, managers, and employees.
We deliver world-class consulting to organizations and their leaders.
We are experts in helping organizations accomplish large-scale change by building buy-in and commitment and in building alignment within and between teams to produce results.